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Place Where Flowers Bloom

Lee Minwoo, who suffers from a congenital heart disease, spends his days not wanting to live, yet not wanting to die either. One day, a red dust covered the city. People who breathed in the dust vomited blood and went mad, and unknown red plants began to grow on their bodies, blooming and spreading seeds. In a world full of infected individuals, outlaws, and numerous dangers, the true identity of the parasitic plants is gradually revealed. Minwoo, who couldn't find meaning in life, struggles to survive amidst many sacrifices and hopes.





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Place Where Flowers BloomA Flowering SpotThe Blossoming BeddingWhere Flowers Bloom꽃이 피는 자리Onde as Flores Desabrocham

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Full ColorLong StripDramaHorrorPsychologicalSupernatural

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