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Legend of the Stars - Agartha

Remi Tachibana is a girl who adores mysterious phenomena like UFOs - as well as the works of Shotaro Ishimori (Ishinomori). One day, while she gushes over UFOs to Ishimori, a young man named Shun Kuroki comes in, wishing to become Ishimori's assistant. Remi and Shun take an immediate liking to each other, and Shun gets accepted. However, a series of strange phenomena begin to occur. Shun also appears to be hiding something as well... Soon, Remi will find herself in a bizarre tale straight from the SF manga she loves! Ishinomori's attempt at an authentic long-form shojo manga, an SF romance set within the lush mountains of Akita.


Ishinomori Shotaro


Ishinomori Shotaro

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Legend Of The Stars - Agartha星の伝説 アガルタHoshi no Densetsu AgarutaAgaruta (ISHINOMORI Shoutarou)Agharta (ISHINOMORI Shoutarou)AgharthaHoshi no Densetsu Agarthaアガルタ (ISHINOMORI Shoutarou)星の伝説アガルタAgartha (ISHINOMORI Shoutarou)

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