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Make It Impossible to Run Away

Legria is a young saint who has been summoned to a fantasy world where she must give birth to a holy knight who will save the kingdom from destruction. However, she soon discovers that her destiny is not as simple as it seems. She is the target of four powerful and dangerous men, who have different plans for her. One is the crown prince, who wants her as his replacement wife. Another is the leader of an assassins guild, who wants her as his lover. The third is the commander of the holy knights, who sees her as his property. And the fourth is the strongest warrior of the plains tribe, who treats her as his companion. Legria will have to face her trials, her feelings, and her secrets, while trying to escape the clutches of these men who make her unable to escape. **


Eun Ryeowon

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Make It Impossible To Run AwayMake It Impossible For You to Escape달아날 수 없게 만들어Holding You Captive

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Long StripDramaFantasyRomanceMature
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