Read The Suspicious Boy Is One of the World's Top Ten Masters

The Suspicious Boy Is One of the World's Top Ten Masters

In the aftermath of Madorim's decline following the World War, a captivating tale unfolds as the maternal grandson, son of Lord Daesannim's daughter, returns to the city. Despite initial feelings of abandonment, he emerges as a figure of unexpected beauty in a martial arts world marked by rugged aesthetics. Unveiling his true identity as the King of the Mu-myeon Mountain, a teenage expert who conquered the Dragon King of the Yellow River, the series promises a gripping narrative. Driven by his mother's last words and a determination to restore Madorim to its former glory, Jin Murip, this unparalleled teenage expert, arrives in Madorim.





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The Suspicious Boy Is One Of The World's Top Ten Masters수상한 소공자는 천하십대고수Susanghan Sogongjaneun Cheonhasibdaegosu

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Full ColorLong StripWeb ComicActionAdventureDramaFantasyWuxiaMartial Arts
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