Read The Dragon Cubs Arrive! Mommy is a Dragon

The Dragon Cubs Arrive! Mommy is a Dragon

Five years ago, she left an egg and said, "This is the son I gave birth to you. When he grows up, that will be my return date." A few months later, the son broke out of the shell, with two shiny eggs on his head. Xiao Longjiao, she hadn't returned at te date. She disappeared for five years, and he went crazy for five years, until the little dragon cub brought back a woman... But the little dragon cub said, "Dad, she saved me, and I want to commit myself to her!" Infighting.


Yuèwén Mànhuà (阅文漫画)


Tianji Yanjia (天极焉加)

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The Dragon Cubs Arrive! Mommy Is A Dragon龙崽来袭!妈咪狠又辣The Dragon Cub Is Coming! Mommy Is Fierce And SpicyLóng Zǎi Lái Xí! Mā Mī Hěn Yòu Là

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