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I Can See Your Death

After Eshana Arth got into an accident at a young age, she could see people’s life expectancy and cause of death. What if a person she bumped into by chance was destined to die the next day? It was Eshana Arth who had mainly decided to ignore such cases, but because destinies in black were ones that could be changed, she would save the village people from danger from time to time. However, if they were destinies that couldn’t be changed, they would be seen in red. Imperial Calendar Year 422, on the afternoon of a peaceful day. A bloody man had collapsed on their front garden, and his destiny was one even more distinct than blood. [Year 427/Cause of death: Eshana Arth] “I’m ‘Eshana Arth’.” The person who is the reason why— You will die 5 years later.


Zanza (잔자)

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i can see your deathI See Your Death너의 죽음이 보여

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