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The Way the Mage Faces Death

"I want it to end now." Enthe, the archmage, lived a long 300 years, due to a curse that prevents her from dying until she rids the wicked dragon. Though she finally defeated the dragon, she opened her eyes not in the Netherworld, but in a dazzling noble's home. Worse yet, she opened her eyes in the body of a young lady who only knows magic from romance fantasy novels...


Park Jep (박젶)

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الطريقة التي يواجه بها الساحر الموتHow Wizards Face DeathHow a Wizard DiesHow Wizards Welcome Their Death마법사가 죽음을 맞이하는 방법Mabeobsaga Jug-eum-eul Maj-ihaneun Bangbeob

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