About Us

MangaHour is an online manga reader that caters to you for free. MangaHour is made by a single person, for us, and gives freedom from data tracking. All of the content on our site is from third party API. We don't store any data on our server or DB.

We save your data in browsers, You can check `Your Data/Data` section. Where you can find all of your favourite manga, read history and last read chapter.

We do use google analytics and cloudflare analytics for understanding and making sure my wallet can handle the service charges.

We don't have any plans for ads and other thing. Maybe in future/today, we might look for your support.

We rely on cloudflare workers(maybe way too much relied). We use workers for everything, API, crawl and cache too.

You can calculate after reading cloudflare worker docs pricing and limits.

I'll share donations to third party API's i'm using here.


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"We/Mangahour," does not store any files on our server, we only linked to the media which is hosted on 3rd party services.

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